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Salisbury Spiritualist Meeting House

Our Meeting House

Salisbury Spiritualist Meeting House is a progressive Spiritualist Church, registered for worship. It is affiliated to the Spiritualists’ National Union and its purpose is to promote the religion and religious philosophy of Spiritualism. It holds a Divine Service on Sundays which includes a philosophical address and a demonstration of mediumship. It also offers Services for naming, marriage and death.

In addition, there is a comprehensive programme of demonstrations of mediumship, open and closed circles and workshops for spiritual development, private readings by visiting and in-house mediums, open days for visitors, spiritual healing and various social fund raising activities.

The Meeting House is a light, airy and welcoming building run by an elected Committee on behalf of its members. Light refreshments are available after most events. All are welcome and committee members are on hand at all events to encourage and help the enquirer whatever their needs.

Our aim is to encourage the brotherhood of man by creating a friendly, supportive environment where people of like minds can meet. It is also to provide a forum where ideas can be discussed and the spiritual nature of humanity can be explored through our philosophical teachings.

Private readings are available from time to time with either our in-house or visiting Mediums.

SSMH Courses and Circles

Spiritual Healing


The 7 Principles of Spiritualism

The Spiritualists’ National Union website. External link

The Arthur Findlay College. External link

Annual General Meeting

The AGM will take place on Friday, 23rd October at 7pm.

This is the chance for Meeting House members to have their say in the running of the church.

Divine Services

Divine Services are taking place on some Sundays, 6:30 – 8pm.

There are limited spaces available. Please book a seat with Gina on Facebook.

Date Speeker and Demonstrator
4th October Elaine Bevan

Safety Measures

Places of worship are exempt from the “Rule of Six” currently in force in the country.

For all events, a number of safety measures will be in-place:

Absent Healing

The healing group will be joining together to send absent healing to those in need. Between 7 and 7:30pm on Wednesday evenings, the members of the healing group will sit quietly in their homes and send out absent healing thoughts and energies.

If you would like to receive healing during this difficult time, please post your name on the healing group facebook page. If there is someone you know that you feel should receive healing, please post their christian name and just the initial of their surname.

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.