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Salisbury Spiritualist Meeting House

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is a fundamental part of the religion of Spiritualism. The Healing Mediums within the Spiritualist movement are bound by a legal, moral and ethical Code of Conduct which has been provided for them by the Spiritualist National Union. This is to ensure that all healing carried out under the umbrella of the SNU meets an approved national standard. The Code of Conduct is designed to protect both patient and healer and gives confidence to both parties.

Healers start working in churches as trainees for the first two to three years, during which time they learn about the Code of Conduct. They are under the supervision of qualified healers who have been through an assessment and registered as Approved Healers.

Healing is holistic, bringing into balance mind, body and the emotions. The healer, either by the laying on of hands or by absent healing (prayer), is acting as a channel for the healing energies.

No healer claims to cure but acts as a catalyst, so that the patient’s self healing can begin. Patients are encouraged to come to healing sessions for several weeks, as for most of them their problems may have taken many years to manifest and it will take time for the healing to restore balance. For many of them, their time of healing in a quiet sanctuary is the only time they have to themselves. When a patient cannot attend for healing they are told their healing will continue through absent healing prayers, and for many this is a comfort and help. Many churches maintain an Absent Healing List. You are invited to add the names of any in need of healing to our Absent Healing Book held in the Meeting House; these names can include animals and those passed to the Spirit. The healers send absent healing to those named during the healing sessions. The names are also read out at divine services so that the congregation can send their own prayers.

Spiritualist healing has achieved some remarkable results. As with all things, healing will develop, grow and change in the years ahead, but behind every act of healing remains the unchanging power of the unconditional love of the Great Spirit (God).

A healing session is held at the Meeting House on Wednesday mornings from 10 a.m. until midday and all are welcome including our animals.