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Salisbury Spiritualist Meeting House

International Medium Makes Spiritual Connections

Have you ever wondered about the philosophy of life, and what happens after death?

Giving evidence of survival, Mark Brandist is a well-known, highly respected and award-winning medium. He has worked globally, demonstrating mediumship in theatres, sometimes with other recognized mediums such as Colin Fry. However, his heart lies with the church service, philosophy, and in particular spiritual healing.

Mark is feted for his work for good causes, and perhaps closest to his heart is his work as a volunteer in his local hospices. Mark started his career as a jockey but after a serious fall was forced to retire. It was during his convalescence that he discovered his gift of mediumship. He went on to be a protege of, and privileged to have sat in physical circle with, the late president of the SNU Gordon Higginson.

Mark will be visiting Salisbury Spiritualist Meeting House on the 25th and 26th of June 2021; for both an evening of Mediumship, and an afternoon of Energy & Light Meditation Circle, finishing with Healing.

Mark Brandist photographs