Salisbury Spiritualist Meeting House


On a national level, the Spiritualist National Union [our governing body] has devised an educational programme of courses to enable students to understand fully the practice and history of spirit communication and the spiritual history and philosophy of Spiritualism. Participating in the courses is open to the public but the Educational Awards can only be given to Class B members of the Union. Information on the programme can be obtained from the Meeting House Education Sub-Committee or can be found on the SNU website at Educational Awards are particularly helpful for those wishing to work on the platform.

At a local level, the Meeting House offers a number of circles from an introduction to Spiritualism to advanced circles run by experienced working mediums dedicated to advancing the religion and religious philosophy of Spiritualism based on the Seven Principles. The gift of mediumship needs to be understood, controlled and directed and the circle is the first place of learning. The circles are as follows:

Open Courses [Open to the public]:

Introduction of Spiritualism - This is an induction course, held over 3 meetings, which covers the following topics:

  • History of Spiritualism
  • What is Spiritualism
  • The Seven Principles
  • Types of Communication
  • What is your understanding of life after death
  • Spiritual Healing
  • The Spiritualist National Union and your District Council
  • The role of the Church Committee
  • Education and Awards

Associate Members must complete this course before being invited into full membership. A completion certificate is awarded even to those not wishing to enter into full membership.

Open/Awareness Circle - The first is for those who are developing their mediumship and wish to put into practice the disciplines they have been, or are being, taught. The second level is for those new to the Movement who wish to see Spiritualism in a more informal atmosphere than can be present at a religious service and to develop their own psychic sensitivity. The Circle Leader will explain the purpose, function and nature of circle proceedings to all newcomers. Should the sitters wish to study further and develop their mediumship, they should see the President with a view to being invited to join a development circle.

A Journey into Spiritual Art - This circle is not just for those seeking to become a Psychic Artist. The leader is not only a working medium but also a professional sculptor and artist. The intention is to take the pupil on a journey of self-realisation, harmonising body, mind and spirit starting with basic drawing and graduating on to other art mediums.

Closed Circles [By invitation only]:

Unfoldment Circle [development of mediumship] - The aim of this circle is to develop the novice sitter to a good standard of mental mediumship by identifying their latent mediumistic abilities and steering them through the intricate pathway of spiritual awareness. The Circle Leader will observe and analyse the unfoldment of the sitter's psychic abilities and offer direction and guidance when needed. The sitters will be working towards a knowledge of the mechanics of mediumship, the Seven Principles and Spiritualist philosophy and an understanding of the spiritual nature of their work.

Phenomena & Psychical Research Circle - The aim of this circle is to produce objective evidence of survival of the soul and its characteristics which can be observed with the physical senses by all sitters. This is an experimental circle conducted in accordance with the methodology of a psychic science.